"My dog goes crazy when I have visitors!"

Can you relate?

It's one of those little secrets you would rather forget happens when you have company over.

A dog that loses it, overwhelms guests, and embarrasses you.

Whether it's the constant jumping, door dashing, or overexcitement in general...

Would you be surprised if I told you that having a well-mannered pup boils down to proper planning and simply knowing the right things to do while you have visitors?

In this course, I give you all the the tips and tools you need to help your dog be on his best behavior every time you have guests over.

A peek inside the course:

  • A pre-plan of ideas to get ready before your guests arrive
  • What to do while your guests are there
  • A post-plan for after the party and what you could do to make it even better
  • Videos to watch multiple times and examples of how to set your house up for your dog and guests
  • Access to my private Facebook group where you will receive additional support from me

You no longer have to freak out when someone wants to have a party or a get together at your house.

No more making up excuses to get out of it.

Instead, you and your dog will be completely prepared to have a great and memorable time together!

Course curriculum

  • 1
    The struggles dog parents face wanting to entertain at their home
    • The good, bad of having people come to your house
  • 2
    Pre-planning for your dog when people are coming over
    • How to get your front door ready for guests
    • How your leash can be helpful for you and your dog
  • 3
    How to help your dog while entertaining your guests
    • How a dog buddy can help you
    • Another idea to create your own food toy
    • How a food toy and treats can help your dog
    • A crate can be a great option
    • How a playpen can be helpful for your dog and you
  • 4
    After the company is gone-what to do for next time
    • Time, tips, ideas, and routines can help your dog when guests are not coming over